New Mall Opens In Paphos – Kings Avenue

New mall in Paphos opens:

So this is not exactly news, but ‘lucky’ holiday makers who want a little diversity in their shopping will be able to spend their hard earned money at the new mall here in sunny Paphos.

The new Kings Avenue Mall in Paphos

The new Kings Avenue Mall in Paphos

Visitors can now enjoy a coffee in the new mall and enjoy a ‘different’ view looking out onto a main road with a garden centre to the right.

This shrine to consumerism has all the typical pulls that malls globally offer; high street brands, coffee shops, fast food outlets, in fact you could be in London, Leeds, San Diego, or outside Rome or any other place in the world to be honest.

Is Paphos mall sinking?

There are some rumours that the ground settlement (which happens to every large civil engineering project) has been a little alarming for some residents, namely the Jumbo chain of low cost children and home goods store.

Rumours are that the ancient land of Paphos has burial tombs underneath and this could be the source of larger than expected settlement of the building, though this is not confirmed and it is said that surveys done prior to construction found nothing below to be concerned about.

Paphos old v new

So would you like to visit this new mall when you have tonnes of local shops run by the indigenous Paphos population and their employees?

Or do you think that this new project will bring sustainable jobs, or actually remove jobs in place of more bland and some may say soulless experiences?

I think you can guess our own thoughts and minor concerns on the matter.

Not one to quash diversity but always one to stand up for the small guy in the street who works hard and learns about his and her clients.

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  • Tim Booth March 8, 2014 at 1:31 pm

    I love the view point!

    I have been to the new mall and was initially impressed but like most things that are more pomp and ceremony than real substance I was soon found wanting, it;s ok but that is about it.

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