paphos airport car hire charges

Car Hire Charges at Paphos Airport

Car hire charges explained for Paphos airport

Do you generally pick your car hire up from Paphos airport?

An interesting article surfaced this weekend from a writer who was complaining about various policies that were apparently related only to Cyprus.

The comments for this page show that some of his points were a little off balance and perhaps not fully true.

Car hire charges

There are a couple of policies that are very common for car hire companies to enforce, these will be in the terms and conditions.

1*) Is the fuel policy which will sometimes mean that you must bring back the tank full and sometimes this must be empty, none of these are perfect but I agree that the first option is the best assuming you would not use a full tank, otherwise it is here or there, but agreed it is more in favour of the hire company mainly.

2*) You will often be required to have an excess applied to a credit card, and this can be quite a large amount, another option that is often available is to pay for specific excess cover policy with the car rental company which would reduce the need to have this amount placed in escrow or similar.

*these options vary with every company and are always open to change.

Now while some of these policies are not the best for travelers, they are not unique to Cyprus by any stretch of the imagination and most companies that you deal with Europe wide and elsewhere will have similar rules to safe guard their fleet.