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Mobility Scooter Hire Advice, Paphos, Cyprus

Many people for varied reasons struggle with cars and therefore need a mobility scooter. We bring you some advice on where to find the right mobility scooter.

Venus Beach Paphos Claims Another Life With Riptides

Paphos coast claims another swimming victim in an unfortunate set of events which seems all too frequent.

New Mall Opens In Paphos – Kings Avenue

New mall in Paphos opens: So this is not exactly news, but ‘lucky’ holiday makers who want a little diversity in their shopping will be able to spend their hard earned money at the new mall here in sunny Paphos. Visitors can now enjoy a coffee in the new mall and enjoy a ‘different’ view […]

Paphos Airport Dog on Runway

Paphos Airport Dog On Runway There have been reports last week of a small incident where a dog was seen running around the Paphos airport grounds. One flight at least had to be delayed for landing and told to circle until the actual runway was checked out by a car using high powered lights. It […]

Wintery Weather in Paphos – Head To Troodos

Cold snap hits Paphos and rest of Cyprus If you are thinking of coming on your holidays here to Paphos, be warned that the usual mild winter weather has briefly taken a turn with what can only be described as cold and mixed. This will be categorised by increased rainfall, snowfall in the mountains (Troodos), […]

A Trip to Kyrenia – Advice on Car Hire in Northern Cyprus

When you are visiting the republic of Cyprus, you may well want to take a trip to the north of the Island, this is perfectly acceptable but you need to understand that your hire car will not be insured and you will not be allowed across the border under your Paphos Car Hire contract. The […]

Paphos Airport Reviews

Paphos Airport Reviews Our extensive guide to Paphos Airport will help you learn more about this new international airport for Cyprus and see how it stands with other cities in Cyprus and the rest of the world. We have provided you with a number of links to sites that can give you detailed and up […]

Paphos Bus Timetable Information and Guide

Paphos Bus Timetable Guide Getting around Paphos is pretty simple even without a Paphos rental car to help you. But our helpful guide below will make your life a whole lot easier as you navigate and plan your to do list in Paphos and the surrounding areas. We bring you the local bus company and […]

Car Tax Law Cyprus News

Car Tax Law Cyprus News Many people are concerned about new laws that are being brought in to bring Cyprus in line with other Euro Zone countries who base their car tax on emissions rather than the size of a cars engine. Their still however remains a lot of confusion about how this will be […]

Paphos Airport Car Hire Advice

Paphos Airport Car Hire Advice: Paphos has had an International airport now for many years, and the new building which replaced the original airport has been a real success in meeting the needs of tens of thousands of visitors to the Paphos region since the grand opening in November 2008. Car hire needs at Paphos […]