Wintery Weather in Paphos – Head To Troodos

Cold snap hits Paphos and rest of Cyprus

If you are thinking of coming on your holidays here to Paphos, be warned that the usual mild winter weather has briefly taken a turn with what can only be described as cold and mixed.

This will be categorised by increased rainfall, snowfall in the mountains (Troodos), and generally lower temperatures than usual, with numbers to hit sub 10 degrees for the mainland and minus figures very possible in the mountains at night.

Stormy weather, low temperatures, rainfall, and snowfall in mountainous areas are forecast.

Get up to the mountains:

When the cold weather arrives here in Cyprus this is not the time to worry about the temperatures too much, the truth is that snow capped mountains in the Troodos are a wonder in themselves and will be a place we would recommend to anyone with a hire car.

Troodos in snow

Troodos in snow

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