Venus Beach Paphos Claims Another Life With Riptides

What to do about the Paphos coast that has claimed so many lives over the last 10 years?

In another tragic story involving Eastern European visitors to Paphos, a lady in her late 40’s from Lithuania has died after her partner and her had been swimming at the Laura hotel area of the Paphos coastline between tomb of the kings and Potima bay, a notorious section of rocky, rough sea and treacherous riptides.

This is the 14th death of its kind on the short but notorius stretch of coast in the last 10 years.

So what is the answer to stop further misery and unnecessary loss of life on this section of the coast?

Should the hotels have a full time lifeguard? Potentially putting people off swimming, but undoubtedly saving lives on the way, the answer would appear to be clear.

In the case of Venus beach, near Venus beach hotel, as it is not public, lifeguards are said to be fearful of being stationed there in case of an incident which they can not control and they are blamed for deaths and injuries caused on their watch, indeed the issue is complex.

Though hotels on this section are reluctant to take on any responsibility, yet are happy for the coast to bring in people for its beauty and the option of a swim in the lovely (though in this case dangerous) Mediterranean.

Yes signs have been provided in many languages which had been a cause of concern for the Russian government when bodies were being sent back after incidents in the area when only English, Greek and German were displayed.

But still the deaths are occurring.