Alternative Vehicles and Transport to Car Hire in Cyprus and Paphos

Alternative transport types for getting around Cyprus: We all know that while cars are ubiquitous, not everyone needs one or is in a position to drive one legally or technically. Even though our car hire service in Paphos is premium there are options that others may need. So if you need to get around Paphos […]

mobility scooter hire

Mobility Scooter Hire Advice, Paphos, Cyprus

Many people for varied reasons struggle with cars and therefore need a mobility scooter. We bring you some advice on where to find the right mobility scooter.

Car Hire Advice and Tips For Paphos, Cyprus

We wanted to put together a few tips on hiring a car here in sunny Paphos, Cyprus, so here goes our top five tips for hiring and driving.

Car Hire Paphos

Why Travel To Paphos Cyprus

Are you seeking a sunny place to stay to beat the winter blues in the UK or the more cold parts of Europe? Paphos, Cyprus maybe right up your street!

A Trip to Kyrenia – Advice on Car Hire in Northern Cyprus

When you are visiting the republic of Cyprus, you may well want to take a trip to the north of the Island, this is perfectly acceptable but you need to understand that your hire car will not be insured and you will not be allowed across the border under your Paphos Car Hire contract. The […]