Ryanair leave Paphos airport routes

Ryanair Paphos Airport – Routes Disappeared?

What has happened to Ryanair routes from Paphos airport?

It was not long ago that we read in glee that Ryanair was to open up routes to Germany, Lithuania, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Norway, briefly Spain, Greece and the UK among other areas on an adhoc basis from Paphos International Airport.

All looked set to make this Paphos based regional airport of Cyprus a proper affordable international airport similar to Manchester, Stanstead, Liverpool, Glasgow etc. Albeit in a slightly more reduced size and capacity. But nonetheless it was a sign that Paphos had something good to offer Europe and the people who live in the area and in Cyprus in general for their travel options.

Why have Ryanair left Paphos International Airport?

Ryanair seem to still operate flight to the UK from Paphos Airport but many of the fantastic routes that opened up Europe to Paphos and vice versa do seem to have been dropped for the Spring and Summer timetables when you try to check flight options.

And although this Wikipedia page for Paphos Airport still shows the routes to some of the areas and countries mentioned above, it appears that this is not currently reflected in the options on Ryanairs own website.

We await a response:

Ever looking to help our visitors as they book car hire in Paphos, we wanted to find out more about why the routes seemed to have all but dried up over the last months after so much promise. So we have made an official contact request asking for further details, as soon as we receive a reply worth publishing we will be sure to let our readers know the official line of why Ryanair seem to have dropped Paphos airport from one of their bases as a place to explore Europe.

Please let us know any information you may have about the departure of these flights offered from Ryanair at Paphos airport we are keen to learn more and explain this to our viewers.