Paphos Bus Timetable Information and Guide

Paphos Bus Timetable Guide

Getting around Paphos is pretty simple even without a Paphos rental car to help you.

But our helpful guide below will make your life a whole lot easier as you navigate and plan your to do list in Paphos and the surrounding areas.

We bring you the local bus company and how to access their timetable and also a really cool Android app that will work out your journey using your mobile phone and hook into local bus timetables and the wider region so you can go to Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca with ease!

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Why use public transport in Paphos?

There are many reasons that you may want to use public transport such as buses, even if you have booked a car for your whole duration, namely enjoying the sights without the stress of driving and also perhaps indulging in a little more than one alcoholic beverage! And why not!

Cyprus drink driving limit:

Please note that on a serious point, the legal driving limit for alcohol is very low in Cyprus and a lot less than in the UK for instance, and local police do regular stops in various places in Paphos, and any fine is very hefty, you have been warned.

Paphos Bus Company Timetables

Paphos Bus Company Timetables

Our bus and public transport help guide:

We are very pleased to provide a number of links to help guides for those of you who may not have already hired a car or will choose to enjoy Paphos and Cyprus by public transport.

There are two options for you to choose, and maybe a combination of both will be most use.

Paphos Transport Organization

Back in July of 2010, Paphos Transport Organization (OYSPA) took over Paphos City Buses who had operated a bus service in the Paphos area since 1980.

With the acquisition OSYPA invested in new and modern buses, and hired a number of skilled rivers to bring a professional service in accordance with the Cyprus public transport programme.

Their website can be found here: Pafos Transport Organization – Buses in Paphos,Cyprus

Their various services run every day, with some season a changes, and at the time of this article a single one way ticket was €1.50 and a whole day pass was €5.00.

The main stations that buses operate to and from are Paphos Town, Kato Paphos and Polis, with a Coral Bay > Pegia > Agios Georgios loop operating all day which allows many based in Paphos on holiday to get out to see the coast towards the Akamas Peninsula from the harbor or old town.

Coral Bay travel guide

The same company who provide buses and public transport in Paphos and from Coral Bay and Peyia to Paphos Harbour and Paphos town provide public transportation in regular routes all over Paphos District, note the local spelling of Pafos check the website for Coral Bay bus times.

Cyprus Bus Companion:

Cyprus Bus Companion is a free mobile application for Android to help you get around Paphos and Cyprus.

Cyprus Bus Companion

Cyprus Bus Companion

A really cool and totally free mobile application for Android devices can be obtained by searching for or using the link here for Cyprus Bus Companion on teh Android market (no news about an iPhone app yet) or going to their Facebook page here:

This app really is quite a find and developed properly to be useful, it has many features and as of print we found it to be very precise and up to date.

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