Paphos Airport Car Hire Advice

Paphos Airport Car Hire Advice:

Paphos has had an International airport now for many years, and the new building which replaced the original airport has been a real success in meeting the needs of tens of thousands of visitors to the Paphos region since the grand opening in November 2008.

Paphos Airport Car Hire

Paphos Airport Car Hire

Car hire needs at Paphos airport:

As with any sizable airport there is a huge demand for Paphos Airport Car Hire. And with so many options, what are the best ways to go about finding the right car for you?.

Well here is a non exhaustive list we have compiled:

  • Do not go just for the cheapest price.
  • Always look out for insurance and excess options and charges in detail.
  • Try to do whole of market searches as these companies have usually negotiated the best prices on offer and have incentives such as cheap insurance or no excess waivers.
  • Try to see how easy it is to cancel, usually just a call away or email. Though do not leave it too late if you need to do this is our advice.

The great news is that Paphos is a fantastic place to not only drive around but also pick up high quality car hire at affordable prices.

But please make sure if you are going on dirt tracks and to sites such as the Akamas peninsula that you book a 4×4 as the small print often stipulates that any damage caused to a normal road car while off road will be subject to damages and perhaps will null and void your insurance. Just beware!