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Mobility Scooter Hire Advice, Paphos, Cyprus

There is no doubt that getting around on holiday can be difficult without a form or transport.
Here at car hire in paphos we offer a huge variety of cars for those who can drive, but many people for varied reasons struggle with cars and therefore need a mobility scooter.

We have created a list of faq’s courtesy of the leading supplier of mobility scooters in Paphos

Mobility scooter hire

We have looked around and found the best quality and prices from a reputable local mobility scooter hire company in Paphos, Coral bay and Cyprus in general.

When searching for the right mobility scooter to hire you will need to ask the right question about the quality, returns policy, how you pick the mobility scooter up and other pertinent questions.

Some general questions may include:

Do i need a driving licence?

No, you don’t need a driving licence to use a CLASS 2 or Class 3 Mobility Scooter however; Class 3

Mobility Scooters should comply with the Highway Code at all times (Directgov, 2011), (DfT, 2011), (BHTA, 2004). download our Highway Code for Mobility Scooter Users.

What is the classification of your Mobility Scooters ?

Our fleet of rental scooters consists of both Class 2 and Class 3 scooters.Class 2 have a top speed of 4 Mph(6Km/h) more ideally suited to pavements and walkways.Where as the Class 3 scooters have a top speed of 8 Mph(12Km/h) and are better suited for longer distances,these have two speed settings one for pavement use and the other for road use.

How long will my Scooter last before I need to charge the batteries?

We recommend you charge the batteries each night, even though your battery indicator will probably stay in the green a lot longer! A green light will appear on the charger when the batteries have a full charge. Each electric scooter model and rider are different. A representative can give you an estimate when you confirm your reservation.

Are there any age restrictions ?

No, there is no upper or lower age limit or restrictions, however the responsibility for the safe use of the Mobility Scooter whilst on Hire will remain with the named Hirer. We do not recommend children under the age of 10 are permitted to use the Mobility Scooter and Children under the age of 18 are supervised at all times. A user manual is supplied that we recommend you read before use, also you will be given a full briefing on the operation of your scooter on delivery.

What is the sort of distance can I expect on a full charge ?

We would expect that you can travel up to 15 to 18 miles with our Pride Elite Traveller Mobility Scooter, 25 to 30 miles with our Envoy 4/6 and 8,The Shoprider Lyon Mobility Scooter 20 to 25 miles on a fully charged battery.

Will the scooter fit into the boot of a family car ?

Yes, the Portable Pride Traveller Elite Mobility Scooters we Hire can be separated into five parts, the front frame, rear frame, batteries, basket and the seat. This allows the Scooter to be transported in the back of a small family car with the split rear seat folded down. We will supply you with a User Guide which shows you how easy this can be done. It takes typically five minutes to either disassemble or assemble. Our representative will also demonstrate this on delivery.

How long does it take to re charge the batteries from fully discharged ?

From fully discharged they would typically take approximately 8 hours to fully recharge