Coral Bay Paphos Swimmer Killed by Speedboat

Coral Bay Paphos Swimmer Death

Car Hire Paphos has heard terrible news regarding a speedboat accident off the Paphos coast.

In an unfortunate incident a swimmer, who ventured out past safety buoys with his father in the Coral Bay area of Paphos has been killed off the Coral Bay coastline.

Apparently the pair had swam about 1km out from the beach area.

This would mean both the deceased (35) and his Father, both of Russian descent, would have been way past safety buoys intended to keep swimmers away from motor boats in the bay.

Coral Bay Beach Swimmer Death

Coral Bay Beach Swimmer Death

Incident of this nature very rare:

This is a very rare incident with the local press stating that this type of tragedy has not occurred in the last 30 years in this specific area.

In an ironic twist of fate the driver of the speedboat was awarded medals of bravery for saving people in and around the Paphos area while driving his speedboat in the past number of years.