Ryanair leave Paphos airport routes

Ryanair Paphos Airport – Routes Disappeared?

We find out what has happened to routes from Paphos airport to European cities after Ryanair seem to have dropped many of the routes Cyprus was hoping would become standard from the airport.

paphos airport car hire charges

Car Hire Charges at Paphos Airport

Car hire charges explained for Paphos airport Do you generally pick your car hire up from Paphos airport? An interesting article surfaced this weekend from a writer who was complaining about various policies that were apparently related only to Cyprus. The comments for this page show that some of his points were a little off […]

Paphos Airport Dog on Runway

Paphos Airport Dog On Runway There have been reports last week of a small incident where a dog was seen running around the Paphos airport grounds. One flight at least had to be delayed for landing and told to circle until the actual runway was checked out by a car using high powered lights. It […]