Car Hire Advice and Tips For Paphos, Cyprus

We wanted to put together a few tips on hiring a car here in sunny Paphos, Cyprus, so here goes our top tips for hiring and driving.

1) Always check more than one price – This is a must do tip for nay purchase really, so why not try a few companies and really understand what they are offering, for instance we offer whole of market car hire prices from various companies who all have offering terms and conditions on their rental cars.

This means that we can almost never give any real specific advice on any quote as it may change minute to minute and be offered by another provider.

Having said that all the T&C’s are contained in pop up windows next to the quotes so you can work out what you are getting really easy.

Other companies will work in other ways so make sure you understand the car hire companies terms and conditions to see if you are really getting value, excess, policies on mileage all make a difference.

2) Where is pick up and drop off location? – All our car hire companies offer the options to pick your rental car up from Paphos Airport and usually downtown Paphos (locations will change for each company).

It is obviously useful to be able to pick up from Paphos airport as well as downtown for drop offs, just sort this out at booking.

3) Are they reputable? Is the car serviced etc? – We are not taking anything away from small local firms in Paphos or Cyprus, they do a great job in the marketplace, but you are possibly going have your car better maintained by a larger company that is bottom line focused than a smaller firm that perhaps does not have resources at hand to ensure that cars are tip top.

All in all we want you to enjoy your next trip to Paphos, Cyprus and if you are hiring a car, to be safe and feel like you got value for money.

A service like ours can tick more boxes than most so please always at least see what our prices are like and if you feel like the provide food value for money, get booking!

Car hire in Paphos