Alternative Vehicles and Transport to Car Hire in Cyprus and Paphos

Alternative transport types for getting around Cyprus:

We all know that while cars are ubiquitous, not everyone needs one or is in a position to drive one legally or technically.

Even though our car hire service in Paphos is premium there are options that others may need.

So if you need to get around Paphos or Cyprus what options do you have for transport or vehicles that will get you around the island?

Mobility scooter hire

This mode of transport has been a life saver to those with chronic illnesses or an inability to move about as easy as they used to, maybe you rely on a mobility scooter back home and feel like a holiday without your mobility scooter would be very difficult.

Well fear not as we know of a fantastic provider of mobility scooter hire in Paphos and Cyprus.


There are many 4×4 operators here in Paphos and Cyprus so you will have many to choose from, we like the Akamas guided tours the best.


Why not get around Cyprus using the flexible public bus based transport system. You will need to plan to get to certain areas and don’t expect 24/7 coverage but its generally highly affordable, comfortable and relatively regular in general.


Of course you can always look at Taxis, these companies tend to be costly and have a reputation for being slightly over priced (so haggle) for their services, but f course they do what you need when you need it so that is a price sometimes worth paying.