A Trip to Kyrenia – Advice on Car Hire in Northern Cyprus

When you are visiting the republic of Cyprus, you may well want to take a trip to the north of the Island, this is perfectly acceptable but you need to understand that your hire car will not be insured and you will not be allowed across the border under your Paphos Car Hire contract.

The best way to do this would be to visit Nicosia and leave your car in a safe parking space and make your way across the border by public transport and find a car hire company in Kyrenia or similar.

These cheeky ladies below had a fantastic time in Kyrenia as you can see, so we do recommend you take the time and see this lovely part of Cyprus.

The Girls Animated

The Girls Animated

If you are going to make this trip, please ensure you bring your passport! This is the last remaining divided capital in Europe and taking a trip across its border is not like simply crossing usual borders in Europe.